Publicação semestral da Federação Brasileira de Terapias Cognitivas (FBTC)

Vol. 12 nº 1 - Jan. / Jun.  de 2016


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Coping cards com pacientes oncológicos: uma proposta de instrumento psicoeducativo

Coping cards with cancer patients: using a psychoeducational instrument

Autores: Vanessa Souza Santana1; Renata Ferrarez Fernandes Lopes2

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Descriptores: Terapia Cognitivo-Comportamental; Psicoeducação; Câncer.

Keywords: CognitiveBehavioral Therapy; Psychoeducation; Cancer.

This research aimed to build a psychoeducational instrument for cognitive distortions ssociated with cancer experience, by adapting the J. Beck’s coping cards technique, dentifying cognitive distortions and neutralizing beliefs that work in the restructuring of distorted thoughts. Sentences containing elements associated with cognitive distortions were built and synthesized in a proof of judges, divided into two parts, A (analyzis ognitive distortions) and B (analysis of neutralizing beliefs). Twenty psychologists experts in cognitivebehavioral therapy (5 of them health psychologists) participated in the study, being sked to respond to Part A (22 questions) and B (22 questions) and a general data questionnaire, both computerized. The binomial test proved possible to construct the instrument, validating it as an accurate measure for the identification of cognitive distortions and neutralizing beliefs with Cronbach alpha above 0.7. Future researchs may investigate the prevalence of certain cognitive distortions in cancer patients involving the testing of this instrument, as well as improves the use of more adaptive strategies and detection of limiting beliefs to cancer coping process.

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