Publicação semestral da Federação Brasileira de Terapias Cognitivas (FBTC)

Vol. 12 nº 1 - Jan. / Jun.  de 2016


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Estresse em universitários: análise sanguínea e qualidade de vida

Stress in college students: blood analysis and quality of life

Autores: Lidiane Bentes Chaves1; Thaís Fabbri de Souza1; Marcos Vergílio Corrêa da Silva2; Célia Figueiredo de Oliveira3; Marilda Emmanuel Novaes Lipp4; Magali Luci Pinto5

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Descriptores: Estresse oxidativo; Inventário Lipp; Estudantes.

Keywords: Oxidative stress; Lipp Inventory; Students.

Healthcare students often lose their emotional balance because of the delicate nature of continual contact with people suffering pain or who are handicapped. According to ILO (International Labour Organization), health-related workers present a very high level of stress. This study looked at 1st year students who received psychological counseling on how to interact with this new university environment, and on how they would behave physiologically and emotionally under a similar stressful situation, that is, during the period of institutional assessment. This inquiry was investigated by means of behavioral analysis by way of questionnaires, hematological and biochemical blood tests. To this end, we applied Lipp Stress Symptoms Inventory for Adult, a quality of life inventory and blood collection for analysis of leukocytosis and oxidative stress. The data showed prevalence of stress in the resistance phase with incidence of physical symptoms, and oxidative stress without the occurrence of leukocytosis. From the collected data it was concluded that although all students exhibited different symptoms of stress, they were able to revert to a state of physiological and emotional equilibrium. We concluded that at the age of the students tested, psychopedagogical guidance is essential to help healthcare students to maintain emotional balance.

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