Publicação semestral da Federação Brasileira de Terapias Cognitivas (FBTC)

Vol. 12 nº 1 - Jan. / Jun.  de 2016


Páginas 57 a 61

Intervenções auto-guiadas baseadas na internet: Uma entrevista com o Dr. Thomas Berger

Self-guided internet-based psychological interventions: An interview with Dr. Thomas Berger

Autores: Rodrigo T. Lopes1; Thomas Berger2

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Descriptores: terapia cognitivo-comportamental, terapia online, panorama, intervenção assíncrona baseada na internet.

Keywords: Cognitive-behavioral therapy, internet, state-of-the-art review, online therapy, e-mental health.

The internet is an established form of human communication increasingly present in our daily lives. There is solid evidence showing the efficacy of synchronous and asynchronous internet based interventions for psychological and health problems, also when compared to face-to-face interventions. Despite some isolated efforts, research on long distance interventions in Brazil is sparse. On the other hand, the Federal Council of Psychology allows limited internet-based interventions, not only in experimental settings. Dr. Thomas Berger, from the University of Bern, Switzerland, studies the theme of online delivered interventions since 2005 and has developed several interventions, mainly asynchronous, for the online setting. In this interview, he talks about treatment efficacy, therapeutic relationship, research issues and how European and specifically Swiss psychologists are using this format of psychological care.

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