Publicação semestral da Federação Brasileira de Terapias Cognitivas (FBTC)

Vol. 13 nº 2 - Jul. / Dez.  de 2017

Edição Especial

Páginas 84 a 91

mindfulness no Treinamento em Habilidades Sociais para Usuários de Drogas

mindfulness in Social Skills Training for Drug Users

Autores: Jéssica Limberger1; Luana Thereza Nesi de Mello2; Jaluza Aimèe Schneider3; Ilana Andretta4

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Descriptores: Usuários de drogas; Habilidades sociais; mindfulness.

Keywords: Drug users; Social skills; mindfulness.

From the advances in drug users treatment, strategies as mindfulness and Social Skills Training (SST) are identified as promising by the literature. In this way, this academic article aims to discuss the possibilities of mindfulness included into SST in the treatment of drug users. From the contextualization about the drug use in Brazil, expose the cognitive-behavioral treatment for substance use disorder. Discuss five topics: 1) Social Skills in Drug Use Context; 2) The SST for Drug Users; 3) Anxiety and Strategies of mindfulness; 4) mindfulness Relevance for Drug Users under Treatment and 5) Operationalization of mindfulness Strategy in SST. Through the comprehension of these topics, it is understood that mindfulness can contribute to the decrease of anxiety in drug users, enhancing the SST effects in drug users and assisting the development of social skills and relapse prevention. Consequently, treatment gains are attributed, empowering changes and lifestyle in short and long period.

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