Publicação semestral da Federação Brasileira de Terapias Cognitivas (FBTC)

Vol. 14 nº 2 - Jul. / Dez.  de 2018


Páginas 95 a 105

Schema Mode Inventory (SMI): Revisão de literatura

Schema Mode Inventory (SMI): Review of literature

Autores: Fabíola Rodrigues Matos1; Joaquim Carlos Rossini2; Renata Ferrarez Fernandes Lopes3

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Descriptores: Terapia do esquema; Modos de esquema; Schema mode inventory

Keywords: Schema therapy; Schema modes; Schema mode inventory

Schema Mode Inventory (SMI) is an instrument developed to measure the most frequent Schema Modes that are present in an individual’s life. It is an exploratory questionnaire, used for both therapeutic and research purposes and aims to get an overview of the Schema Modes that a particular patient shows most often. The aim of this research was to carry out a review of the literature on SMI, focusing on validation and use. Through two search strategies, the first is a search for the keyword Schema Mode Inventory and the second is a manual search, we found 253 works in the databases (PubMed, PsycInfo, Google Scholar), belonging to the last 11 years, of which 45 met the inclusion criteria. Of these, 36 proposed to use the SMI to evaluate some psychological theme and 09 sought their validation. Among the psychological themes encountered, Personality Disorder stands out as the most targeted analysis of Schema Modes. Finally, it was observed through the review that with the course of the years, there is a growing use and validation of the instrument in several countries, although no empirical studies have been done in Brazil.

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