Publicação semestral da Federação Brasileira de Terapias Cognitivas (FBTC)

Vol. 14 nº 2 - Jul. / Dez.  de 2018


Páginas 121 a 129

Terapia do esquema em grupo para crianças com transtornos disruptivos

Group Schema Therapy for Disruptive Children

Autores: Ivana de Cássia Ribeiro Rosa Camilo1; Ederaldo José Lopes2; Renata Ferrarez Fernandes Lopes3

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Descriptores: Terapia do Esquema; Transtornos Disruptivos; Terapia em Grupo

Keywords: Schema Therapy; Disruptive Disorders; Group Therapy

The present study proposes a group psychotherapeutic model for children with a diagnosis of disruptive disorders (APA, 2014), in the approach of Cognitive Therapy Focused on the Scheme (TCFE). This proposal of intervention was delineated from the reading and translation of the chapter of the book of Loose, Graaf and Zarbock (2015), that presents the main concepts, methods and techniques in this approach, for the treatment of aggressive children. The proposal to adapt the script of Loose et al. (2015) for the group format, it is due to the recent contributions in Brazil of these same German researchers, who had their scripts, methods and techniques translated and adapted to the group format, for the brazilian public. In order to understand the implications of conducting psychotherapy in a group with aggressive children, we searched the literature for other works with this characteristic, which also allowed us to base the ideal number of participants, the age group indicated, the average number of sessions and the expected results, since the original protocol addresses individual psychotherapy. Because it is a work with children, parental guidance is also presented as part of the intervention process.

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